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Three Complete Service

Complete Process Service
CISDI supplies complete process service to the steel industry, from raw material stockyard to steel rolling post processing line.

Complete Function Service
Depending on clients' requirements and project characteristics, CISDI offers engineering projects complete function services, including project consulting service, implementation service, and production, operations management service.

Engineering Project Consulting Service
● Front-end project management
● Enterprise strategy study
● Concept study
● Pre-feasibility study
● Feasibility study
● Finance consultancy
● Engineering project implementation

● Plant and equipment design
● Complete set of equipment supply
● Equipment manufacturing
● Project supervision
● Startup and reaching designed productivity
● Engineering project production, operations management

● Existing operation improvement
● Online diagnosis and remote maintenance
● Physical simulation and virtual reality
● Spare parts/components delivery and management optimization  
● Online training
● Core technology, equipment and new product development 
● Energy saving, cost cutting consulting service
● Technology, equipment, process and product updates
● Informatization management and updates

Complete Life Cycle Service
Unlike general engineering companies that only provide services during the front-end and implementation phases of the project, CISDI offers complete services throughout the life cycle of project. According to customers' requirements, it can supply production, operations management service, in addition to front-end and implementation service.

With a specialized production technology service department, CISDI provides iron & steel companies with advanced technology, complete solutions and complete life cycle service, thus improving their overall management level.

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