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Unlike most engineering companies only providing service for the construction of engineering projects, CISDI extends our services from construction, to manufacturing and service operations. At present, it is working with a number of iron and steel enterprises, e.g.: Desheng Iron and Steel Company, and Shandong Fada Precision Thin Plate Company, providing production and technical guidance, spare part management, work flow maintenance, production staff training, and other services.

CISDI Remote Diagnosis & Maintenance

1. Remote Diagnosis & Maintenance Center
CISDI remote diagnosis and maintenance center is dedicated to providing 24 hours remote online diagnosis and service to clients home and abroad, and sets up knowledge library base of client service to win-win cooperation

2. Control System Physical Simulation and Virtual Realization Platform
Control system physical simulation and virtual realization platform is a universal industrial process control system physical simulation platform which could realize digital dynamic simulation, R & D of new products, system test, parameter optimization, virtual producing validation, 3-D dynamic monitoring, visual manipulation and training, etc. for industrial process control system.

Technical Service for Shandong Fada Precision Sheet Co., Ltd.

Integrated Maintenance Service for Sichuan Desheng Steel
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